The committee, staff and volunteers of the Raglan Community House undertake to:

  1. Recognise an individual’s independence and right to choose at all times.
  2. Ensure that all matters discussed with individual visitors to The Raglan Community House will be regarded as strictly confidential.
  3. Recognise their limitations and be ready, with the permission of the individual to refer to trained persons.
  4. Avoid emotional over-involvement.
  5. Accept the need for ongoing training.
  6. Ensure that all help and information given will be on a non-political, non-racial, non-denominational and non-sectarian basis.
  7. Maintain a good working relationship with other members.
  8. Be ready to cooperate with other service agencies.
  9. Actively encourage the values of equality, cooperation and non-violence.
  10. Receive all people in a spirit of support and friendliness.