Justice of the Peace  (1pm to 1.30pm on Wednesdays)

A Justice of the Peace (JP)  is available at the Raglan Community House on Wednesdays, from 1pm to 1.30pm. This is run on a first come, first served basis. If you require our photocopying or printing service, there is a charge for this, please see below under Photocopying/Printing for our rates. For more information please call  (07) 825 8142.

KickBoxing 4Youth

Free program for Youth 12-25 years @ Raglan Town Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays, 5.15pm to 6.15pm.   Contact Mike at the Raglan Community House on (07) 825 8142 for more information. 

Saturday Club

Come and join the Saturday Club at the Raglan Community House for morning tea from 9am to 11am on……you guessed it, Saturdays. This is a great way to meet other locals while having a cuppa and chat. Entry fee of $1.00.

Senior Technology (3pm to 4pm on Thursdays)​

Help for Seniors is available at the Raglan Community House on Thursdays at 3pm. Just bring along your device (phone, tablet, laptop) and Jake from Raglan Computer Services and Jordon (one of our Volunteers) will help with any questions or problems that you may be having. Please ensure you arrive at 3pm, as if there are no clients, Jake will only stay for 15-20 minutes as he does have commitments elsewhere. This is a free service.

Whaingaroa Community Toy Library (Tuesdays)

The Toy Library is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and is located at the Raglan Community House in our basement area. It is open on Tuesdays from 10am to 12noon. For more information, please check out the Whaingaroa Toy Library facebook page.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 

Meetings held on Mondays at 7pm, for more information please contact us on (07) 825 8142.

Raglan Plunket Coffee Group

Meet other parents with babies and young children in your community. Hosted and run by Dianne Roberts from Plunket.  For further information, please contact Dianne directly on 027 224 0404 or via email – Dianne.roberts@plunket.org.nz and also check out the Raglan Plunket facebook page. 

Raglan Health Shuttle (Medical Transport to Hamilton)

If you need transport to Hamilton for a medical appointment you can book the Raglan Health Shuttle by phoning the Raglan Community House on (07) 825 8142. This service is door to door and passenger donations help to keep it running. Donations can be made either to the driver or to the Raglan Community House. The Health Shuttle is equipped with a lift for wheelchair users but they will need to have a support person to accompany them.

Internet & WIFI  Available

We have a computer available with internet access if you need to access information online or would like to update your CV, etc. The computer is located in our drop-in lounge area. We also have WIFI coupons available which provide 8hrs of free WIFI access. Please note, if you are not a Raglan resident there is a charge of $2.00 for a WIFI coupon.

Scan to Email only – Charges  (No faxing service available)

Scan to email:  $2.00 flat fee (1 to 10 pages) and then 20c per page thereafter

Photocopying / Printing

Black & White single sided (A4) 20c per copy – (A3) 40c per copy

Black & White double sided (A4) 30c per copy – (A3) 60c per copy

Colour single sided (A4) 50c per copy – (A3) $1.00 per copy

Colour double sided (A4) $1.00 per copy – (A3) $2.00 per copy

Phone Calls

Local calls only – 20c per call