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Financial assistance

Want to reduce your debt and/or increase your income? Our Financial Mentor can assist you FREE of charge.

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Manage your money with Budget & Cashflow advice

We offer personalised budgeting solutions to help you take control of your cash flow. Our Financial Mentor can assist you with creating and maintaining budgets that suit your needs and lifestyle, so you can manage your finances effortlessly.

Achieve your financial goals

We're here to help you set achievable financial goals and create a roadmap for achieving them. Our Financial Mentor will work with you to identify your aspirations, provide goal-planning resources, and offer support to help you take the steps towards your financial future.

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Get the support you need with interest-free loans

Get access to fee-free and interest-free loans to help you overcome financial hurdles. Our Financial Mentor can help you consolidate high-interest debt, purchase assets like furniture, or develop assets such as a small business.

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Do I have to come in for help?

If you are unable to visit us, you can contact our Financial Mentor Noelene for assistance. Call 07 825 8500 or email to start a conversation.

Am I eligible for more free services?

Low-income residents can access the following for free: Modem and low-cost internet from Skinny Jump, feminine period products from Dignity, wi-fi inside and outside the Raglan Community House and vouchers to spend in our Op Shop. Anyone can access the latest Consumer magazines.

Can I get help with financial forms?

Yes – we can help you fill in and print forms for KiwiSaver withdrawals, Maori Land Court applications, WINZ income support, grants and more.

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