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Tech Support

We understand that it can be a struggle to keep up with technology – that's why we host a tech support service at Raglan Community House.

Volunteers and guests at drop-in lounge table during tech support session
Tech support volunteer assisting with laptop

Expert Community Tech Support for Phones, Computers, and Tablets

We're here to help! Our team of skilled technicians is experienced in solving common tech issues for phones, computers, and tablets. Whether it's a software problem or connectivity issue, we'll get your device up and running properly in no time.

Free Community Tech Support for Everyone - No Income Limits!

We believe that everyone deserves quality tech support, no matter their income or social status. Our free community tech support service is open to all members of the community. We're here to lend a hand and support you, whenever you need us.

Over the shoulder view of tech support volunteer assisting with laptop
Volunteers and guest laughing during tech support session

Get More Than Just Tech Support - Join Our Supportive Community Today!

We're a community resource. Our volunteers are passionate about helping others and building connections within the community. By using our free tech support service, you'll not only receive technical assistance, but also a listening ear and a supportive presence. We're always here to help, and we look forward to serving you.

Available at the Raglan Community House every Thursday, 3-4pm.

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